PERFORMANCE GOAL #1:  The Superintendent will provide leadership for the District to better communicate with the general public those positive activities, programs, accomplishments, and district improvements to increase community awareness and understanding.

Indicators and measurements:  To the extent the school, community and the Board of Education provide the resources necessary; the Superintendent will implement the following activities:

1.    The Superintendent will cause to have public forums (coffees) for the purpose of public engagement.

2.    The Superintendent will participate as a visible part of the community as a representative of the District in such activities as the Open House, Parent Teacher Conferences, extra-curricular events, and any community organization.

3.    The Superintendent will cause to have greater use of the internet for community contact and school involvement.

Bi-Annually (December and May), the Superintendent will provide the Board of Education a report of the activities and written materials outlined by each of the indicators.

PERFORMANCE GOAL #2:  The Superintendent will evaluate the buildings in the District to assess needed repairs, maintenance and student utilization.  Subject to the Board’s funding of repairs, action shall be taken to ensure the safety of students and staff and to ensure compliance with prioritized needs addressed in the district’s most recent physical hazard survey conducted by EMC.

Indicators and measurements: 

1.    The Superintendent will meet with the building administrators, head of maintenance/grounds, and any other professionals as needed during the school year to review most recent physical hazard survey.

2.    A list will be developed documenting items in priority order.  The list will be prioritized based on student and staff safety concerns and the time and length of projects.

3.    The Superintendent will conduct a district wide survey which will indicate the best and most efficient use of district buildings.

No later than the December Board meeting, the Superintendent will present a report to the board outlining the results of patron surveys and in April will present a report to the board outlining those projects due to be completed the following summer or school year.

PERFORMANCE GOAL #3:  The Superintendent will provide leadership designed to improve student performance and promote academic improvement of the schools within the District.

Indicators and measurements:

1.     The Superintendent shall evaluate long-range curriculum objectives in order to challenge the academic skills of all students in the District.  This process shall require the Superintendent’s interactions with the Curriculum Director, all building level administrators, and professional development committee to identify the special and unique demands of students at all grade levels.

2.    The Superintendent shall direct the evaluation of all resource materials on a regular basis to ensure that all material is appropriate.

3.    The Superintendent shall present a comprehensive accountability system that includes quantitative as well as qualitative data.

Monthly, through the Curriculum Director, a report articulating student outcomes, evaluation of curricular strategies, adjustments needed to best serve students, and shall make recommendations for the Board’s consideration.  By the November Board meeting the Superintendent will present a new comprehensive accountability system.

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