The Holidays are a special time for us to celebrate the season with the good news of hope, joy and love. As 2013 approaches let us focus on renewal and raising expectations for more learning and personal success for all who are affiliated with the IKM-Manning CSD Schools. The power of civility, service, friendship, optimism, generosity, understanding, and gratitude are more important than ever during these hard times. The commitment to excellence of dedicated teachers, support staff, and administrators should reassure all stakeholders that the IKM-Manning Schools are moving forward with renewed optimism. We thank all of the taxpayers in Kirkman, Irwin, Manilla, and Manning for their support and for caring so much about the future of their children.
Of course, I believe the faces of our children best express the true meaning of this holiday season. They radiate a sense of unbridled enthusiasm, untainted hope and unabashed joy for life and the opportunities that await them. Indeed, no matter their circumstances or position in life, all children deserve to feel nurtured, accepted, valued, safe and loved.

This holiday season, my hope is that every child will have at least one caring adult who understands and shares the joy that comes when family and friends celebrate this time of year. To the students, parents, teachers, staff and friends of the IKM-Manning CSD please have a safe and joyous holiday season.

As we enjoy the upcoming holidays, it is my fervent wish that each of you receives and returns the seasonal bounty of blessings and good tidings that make these days truly special. It is also during this time that I am reminded of my own good fortune to serve as Superintendent of IKM-Manning CSD.  Indeed, my lifelong career as a public school educator has afforded me vast, varied and richly rewarding opportunities to teach and learn from young people.

We, at the IKM-Manning CSD Central Office, wish you a safe and joyful Holiday Season with family and friends. Thank you for sharing the gift of your children with us. Their future is getting brighter each and every day!

Yours in education,
Dr. Ward

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