It has been another busy week in the Iowa Legislature working on the Governor’s Education Reform. The
House Education subcommittee completed its review and next week members will begin to discuss the
bill in the full Education Committee. It was passed out of the House subcommittee Tuesday on a party-
line vote. The Senate Education subcommittee will begin review this week. There has been indication
each party will offer amendments to the bill as it reaches the legislative process. As educators we
believe that it is in the best interest of our students, not only in IKM-Manning but across the state for
education reform and the imperative need to include the appropriate funding. What our legislatures
need to do is listen to school leaders with concerns and suggestions to what can be done to improve the
education bill.

Allowable growth still seems to be the issue with the education reform bill. The governor is interested in
changing from the current allowable growth model to a new model of “supplemental state aid,” which
would be depended on state funding. The question with this model is what happens down the road
when the state can’t adequate provide the funds?

Again this is a great time to make those supportive contacts and share your opinions. I greatly
appreciate your help in these matters.

Tournament time is approaching and if you haven’t had the opportunity to get out and see our kids play
this would be a great week as they prepare for the “Road to Des Moines.” Speaking of tournaments the
IKM-Manning Foundation is sponsoring a youth tourney this weekend at all three facilities. Get out and
support the youth of the area.

I would appreciate any comments or concerns. The door is always open, the phone is never busy and I
do look over my e-mails. No excuse on getting in contact with me. Have a great week.


Yours in education,

Dr. Ward

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