Like so many children today, I grew up loving the summer months. I remember waiting in anticipation
for the last day of school to finish so I could get busy having fun with family and friends. We’d anxiously
wait for our little league ball games, spend time fishing and swimming in the pond, and make up games
as the days went by. Summer was great; but, as August came around, I was always ready for school to

Summers are quite a bit different now for me and my family. With hectic schedules and people
scattered across different states it takes quite a bit planning to see each other. Yet, we manage to
get together to continue long-standing traditions and to create some new ones as well. I don’t know what the months of June and July have brought you, but I hope you’ve been able to carve out some meaningful time with friends and family before the rush of a new school year changes schedules.

On August 15th the bells will again signal the start to another school year for the IKM-Manning Wolves.
Staff and students in our district will bond together and create new traditions and establish positive
educational cultures. As community members, you can be a part of this effort as well. With the beginning of a new school year this is a great time for you to decide to share your strengths and talents with the IKM-Manning students. The IKM-Manning schools are your schools, and the time spent with students is like an investment that yields only good returns.

Again, my doors are always open for you to come and visit. I can be reached at 712-654-5282 or and will welcome any or all comments.

We’re going to have a great year. Come join us!

Yours in education,

Dr. Ward

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