The State Fair is over, school has started, cross county meets, volleyball and football games have started and it is time to start thinking about our collective efforts to influence the students of the IKM-Manning CSD.

The IKM-Manning Board of Education welcomes the advice and counsel of the citizens of the district in planning and operations of the district. One group instrumental in advising the Board is the School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) which is composed of members with school age students, preschool students, no school age students, students, staff and administrators. The responsibilities of the group include:

a) Determine major educational need and rank them in priority order.

b) Develop long- range goals and plans to meet the needs.
c) Formulate and recommend short-range and intermediate-range plans to meet the goals to attain the desired levels of student performance.
d) Evaluate progress toward meeting the goals and maintain a record or progress under the plan that includes reports of pupil performance and results of school improvement projects.
e) Coordinate special projects.

On behalf of the Board of Education I would like to thank those parents, patrons, students and staff that serve on the SIAC. Without these dedicated individuals those important decisions would not be as easy to make.

Because of the updated nutritional standards the district will be upgrading our current Wellness Policy to meet the compliance of the federal government. The district will develop a local wellness policy committee comprised of parents, students, food service, nurse, administrators, physical education teachers and the public. This committee will develop a plan to implement the local wellness policy and periodically review and update the policy. The committee will report to the board and community regarding the content and effectiveness of the policy and recommend updates. The committee will be responsible to establishing specific wellness goals for the district.

In my future articles I will try to update our patrons on the workings of the proposed education reforms for the State and or district.

We are off to a great start to the year and if you need to contact me, or would just like to discuss education (or anything else on your mind) you can drop me an email at
or call the office (712-654-2852).

Yours in education,

Dr. Ward

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