It seems the pace of legislative action is picking up in anticipation of the first legislative funnel which is March 8. A bill must have passed at least one committee to remain alive, with the exceptions of Ways and Means and Appropriation bills. The budget subcommittees have turned their attention to presenters offering their thoughts on what the budget priorities should be for this coming year. From
the standpoint of this administrator the hope is to have allowable growth set at a percentage of at least breaking even and to make modifications to the Education Reform bill. The allowable growth needs to be resolved rather quickly so we can prepare and have budgets approved for FY 13-14.

The House Education Committee made significant changes to the governor’s education reform bill. Two of the most significant changes came in a more rigorous assessment process that is aligned with the core standards and will be given to every student in grades 3 – 11. If the Legislature fails to provide sufficient funding, districts would not be required to administer the assessment.

Second, the teacher ladder and compensation program would no longer be a mandate and districts will have greater opportunity to opt into the program.

It is that time of year for basketball fever! Both the boy’s and girl’s teams are having great years and at the printing of this article the girls are one win away from the state tournament. Good luck to all!

This past weekend the IKM-Manning Foundation sponsored another successful youth basketball tournament. All the funds raised go back into the IKM-Manning CSD through mini-grants available to all teachers across the district. A big thank you to all those that volunteered time and supplies to the running of the tournament.

Everyone have a great week!

Yours in education,
Dr. Ward

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