I want to start off by saying how proud I am of all of our extracurricular participants and sponsors this
past winter season. I hope by the time this is published we are planning on another trip to Des Moines.
Good Luck Girls!

This season I had the opportunity to see a lot of games and witness firsthand how other fans react in the
stands and from the sidelines. I am extremely proud of our students, parents, and loyal fans of all our
teams. IKM-Manning fans are respectful to opposing players and coaches and knowledgeable about the
sport being played. We are always gracious in victory or defeat. This speaks volumes on why we are so
successful in everything our students do!

In the Central Office we have been preparing the 2012-2013 Budget. Mary and Beth have been very
diligent in obtaining all the information needed for this process. This is going to be a “good news, bad
news” year. Good news goes out to our taxpayers that they will be paying less in the school levy this
coming year and the bad news is the District will be receiving considerable fewer funds from the state.
This is a problem that has been compounded for two reasons: 1) a decrease in our enrollment, 2) the
amount we receive in miscellaneous revenue due to the whole grade sharing being eliminated. With
these reductions in revenues we will be forced to make reductions in some of our programs. I will
be working with the administrators on recommendations I will take to the Board in another Budget
Workshop within the next two weeks.

My next “Coffee” will be held in Irwin on March 14th in the Irwin Cafeteria. Everyone is invited to attend
and ask questions about the District.

Again, if you have questions or concerns I can be reached by e-mail at tward@ikm-manning.k12.ia.us or
give me a call at 712-654-2852.

Yours in education—GO WOLVES!!!!

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